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The Jefferson College Teacher Education Program is designed with the future in mind--the future of not only the preservice teachers in the program, but also the futures of students whom program graduates will teach during their careers. 

The Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) provides students with a solid foundation both in the liberal arts and in teacher education coursework, thus ensuring a positive and effective start for preservice teachers on their journey into the field of education. As a result, this foundation not only effectively prepares graduates for their educational experiences as they continue their professional development at senior colleges and universities, it also enhances the quality of their performance in pre-school through secondary school classrooms. 

With the assistance of some outstanding professionals from Jefferson County and around the state, the Teacher Education Program and the AAT were developed to facilitate the development of highly-capable, professional teachers. In addition, by creating an academic culture that is responsive to the needs and diversity of preservice teachers, the Teacher Education Program models the constructivist teaching philosophy. 

The entire Jefferson College faculty will work with you to help you achieve. Feel free to contact the teacher education faculty for advising. We want you to be successful in our program and in the classroom.

Meet the Faculty

The AAT degree plan consists of general education requirements as well as the following Teacher Education courses.

EDU105 Exploring the Field of Education
EDU205 Technology for Teachers
EDU210 Foundations of Education
EDU225 Educational Psychology
EDU230 Teaching Profession with Field Experience 
EDU235 Education of Exceptional Learners (elective), is recommened for Early Childhood and Elementary Education majors.

Many Teacher Education programs at senior colleges and universities vary in terms of the requirements for admission. Therefore, we recommend that students select courses with the help of a teacher education faculty advisor to meet degree requirements and prerequisites as well as consult information from the institution to which they anticipate transferring.


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