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The Music Department has an excellent track record in preparing musicians for study at four-year colleges and universities and respected music conservatories across the country.

The music curriculum includes a combination of method and lecture courses, as well as theory and performance opportunities. Methods courses introduce the fundamental music techniques and skills required for the music major. These classes include Class Percussion, Class Piano, and Class Voice. Special music seminars, workshops, and juries often afford additional opportunities for learning.

Performance opportunities will be available from day one! Jefferson College provides a variety of performance group and solo opportunities for the music major and non-major.

 Meet the Class Music Faculty
 Meet the Applied Music Faculty

 Jefferson College Music Scholarship Application
 Viking Band Camp

Courses Offered

MSA071 Prep Voice Lessons
MSA072 Prep String Lessons
MSA073 Prep Woodwind Lessons
MSA074 Prep Brass Lessons
MSA075 Prep Percussion Lessons
MSA076 Prep Piano Lessons
MSA171 Voice Lessons I
MSA172 String Lessons I
MSA173 Woodwinds Lessons I
MSA174 Brass Lessons I
MSA175 Percussion Lessons I
MSA176 Piano Lessons I
MSA181 Voice Lessons II
MSA182 String Lessons II
MSA183 Woodwinds Lessons II
MSA184 Brass Lessons II
MSA185 Percussion Lessons II
MSA186 Piano Lessons II
MSA271 Voice Lessons III
MSA272 String Lessons III
MSA273 Woodwinds Lessons III
MSA274 Brass Lessons III
MSA279 Percussion Lessons III
MSA280 Piano Lessons III
MSA281 Voice Lessons IV
MSA282 String Lessons IV
MSA283 Woodwinds Lessons IV
MSA284 Brass Lessons IV
MSA285 Percussion Lessons IV
MSA286 Piano Lessons IV
MSC101 Fundamentals of Music
MSC103 Music Theory I
MSC104 Music Theory II
MSC105 Introduction to Music Technology
MSC125 Jefferson College Singers
MSC126 Community Chorale
MSC127 Starlight Chorus
MSC128 Starlighters
MSC131 Appreciation of Music
MSC133 Jazz Appreciation
MSC135 History of Rock and Roll
MSC137 World Music
MSC144 Woodwind Ensemble
MSC145 Brass Ensemble
MSC146 Percussion Ensemble
MSC152 Concert Band
MSC161 Class Piano I
MSC162 Class Piano II
MSC163 Class Voice
MSC167 Class Percussion
MSC168 Jazz Improvisation I
MSC169 Jazz Improvisation II
MSC203 Music Theory III
MSC204 Music Theory IV
MSC231 Music Literature: Before 1750
MSC232 Music Literature: After 1750
MSC241 Small Jazz Combo
MSC248 Madrigal/Contempo Ensemble
MSC251 Jazz Lab Band
MSC259 Chamber Choir


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