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To succeed in the future, you must first understand the past. The ability to place events or developments in context of the past is useful as well as rewarding. A thorough understanding of history has proven relevant to a broad array of professions, whether it is business, law, education, finance, or communications. A major in history may lead to a career in education, museums, preservation, writing, civil service or social service.

Meet the Faculty

Courses Offered

HST103 U.S. History I to Reconstruction
HST103H Honors U.S. History I
HST104 U.S. History II from Reconstruction
HST104H Honors U.S. History II
HST130 American Studies
HST201 Ancient/Medieval Civilization
HST202 Renaissance to Early Modern Europe
HST203 Modern Europe
HST205 African-American History
HST210 Asian Civilization
HST230 Women in American History
HST235 Women in History
HST240 Missouri History

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