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Students can take four courses in French or Spanish for a total of 16 credit hours. The most advanced of the four, French or Spanish Reading, counts as a humanities credit for the Associates degree. A student who has two to four years of high school French or Spanish can receive credit by examination for that work and begin at the appropriate level. The multi-media Foreign Language Lab is equipped with state-of-the-art networked computers with access to the Internet, recorded course materials and CD-ROMs. German is also offered as an Interactive Television (ITV) course, which originates at Mineral Area College.

 Meet the Faculty for German
 Meet Faculty for Spanish


Courses Offered

FRN101 Beginning French
FRN102 Intermediate French
FRN201 French Grammar and Composition
FRN253 French Reading
GRM101 Beginning German
GRM102 Intermediate German
SPN101 Beginning Spanish
SPN102 Intermediate Spanish
SPN201 Spanish Grammar and Composition
SPN253 Spanish Reading (Counts as a Humanities credit)

*Credit by examination is available for FRN101 and 102 and SPN101 and 102.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 26 February 2009 )
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