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The Art Department provides students with an excellent foundation for a lifelong career in the visual arts. Former art department students have transferred to the Columbus College of Art and Design, Washington University School of Art, Columbia College in Chicago, the Kansas City Art Institute, and the University of Missouri, as both studio and art history majors, many with outstanding scholarship awards.

The art curriculum offers a broad range of classes in both two- and three-dimensional art forms, including Design, Drawing, Life Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Digital Photography, Graphic Design and Painting in a variety of media. Lecture courses include Survey of Art History I and II, as well as Art Appreciation. Both studio and lecture courses are open to art majors and non-majors alike.

The Art Department regularly sponsors exhibits by nationally recognized artists, in addition to hosting annual student exhibitions. Students participate in the preparation of these exhibits, gaining valuable experience. Additionally, students have been selected to exhibit with a St. Louis gallery as they advance through the program. Annually, students in the art department travel to see major exhibitions and tour respected art schools in the country.

Possible careers in art include illustrator, graphic designer, painter, photographer, printmaker, art teacher, product designer, museum curator, art dealer, exhibition preparation, advertising agency director, and calligrapher, among many other opportunities.

Meet the Faculty

Courses Offered

ART101 Art Appreciation
ART103 Survey of Art I
ART105 Survey of Art II
ART107 Modern Art
ART112 Introduction to Art
ART115 Drawing I
ART117 Watercolor I
ART120 Design I
ART121 Design II
ART123 Ceramics/Pottery I
ART141 Painting I
ART142 Painting II
ART146 Drawing II
ART150 Digital Photography I
ART151 Printmaking I
ART160 Graphic Design I
ART170 Graphic Design II
ART217 Watercolor II
ART223 Drawing III
ART225 Watercolor III
ART243 Painting III
ART250 Digital Photography II
ART252 Printmaking II
ART260 Graphic Design III
ART262 Ceramics/Pottery II
ART263 Ceramics/Pottery III
ART265 Digital Photography III
ART270 Graphic Design IV
ART281 Studio Art

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