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Advising and Retention Center (ARC)

Advising & Retention Services

SC 2nd Floor

Director: Kathy Johnston (ext. 280)

Chris Lile – Off-Campus Advisor (ext. 236)
Kurt Olsen – CTE Advisor (ext. 211)
Deb Shores – Resource Advisor (ext. 286)
Kim Smith – Transfer Advisor (ext. 285)
Steve Peck – Academic Advisor (ext. 257)
Betty Dye – Academic Advisor (ext. 210)

ARC Secretary: Barbara Olson (ext. 209)
Career Development Secretary: Jill West (ext. 215)
Student Activities Coordinator: Stephanie Kitchell (ext. 231)
Student Athlete Success Coordinator: Jason Gardner (ext. 258)
Nursing Retention Coach: Eilene Acheson (ext. 483)

• Provide academic advising to all students at all campuses
• Assign students to academic advisors
• Establish academic and career goals
• Provide academic and personal support
• Provide career counseling
• Provide transfer assistance
• Coordinate job placement opportunities
• Process changing of majors and/or advisors
• Monitor academic progress
• Provide workshops in areas such as: note-taking, test anxiety, and study skills
• Provide immediate help-line assistance through telephone and online services
• Provide a hot-line for faculty and staff to refer students who need help
• Support leadership and personal development workshops and seminars
• Manage offices for student organizations
• Coordinate student, campus, and community activities
• Advise Student Senate
• Produce Jefferson College Student ID’s
• Maintain Campus Lost & Found
• Coordinate counseling services with COMTREA for developmental issues, situational crises, or other personal difficulties
• Advise/Tutor Student Athlete Success activities
• Provide Veterans’ Administration certification for educational benefits

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Academic Advising
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