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JCTV On-Air Program Schedule






JCTV schedule for Friday, March 24th through Thursday, March 30th.

12:00 a.m.      Friday Speaker
1:02   a.m.      The Crisis in Syria
2:35 a.m.        Softball
4:09 a.m.        Basketball
5:35 a.m.        Choir Concert
6:35 a.m.        Softball
7:37 a.m.        The Crisis in Syria
9:10 a.m.        Softball
10:44 a.m.      Basketball

12:10 p.m.      Choir Concert
1:10 p.m.        Softball
2:12 p.m.        The Crisis in Syria
3:45 p.m.        Softball
5:19 p.m.        Basketball
6:45 p.m.        Choir Concert
7:45 p.m.        Softball
8:47 p.m.        The Crisis in Syria
10:20 p.m.      Softall