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A+ Forms



A+ Forms

2016-2017 A+ Contract
A+ Request for Reinstatement


The A+ Program has many unique rules established by the Missouri Department of Higher Education, carefully review each component of the A+ Contract before signing and submitting it to the Office of Student Financial Services

Reinstatement Of A+ Eligibility

A+ students who had to utilize federal grant funds instead of A+ or who transferred from another institution may get A+ funding reinstated if still meeting the A+ eligibility criteria.  In addition, A+ students who have lost eligibility for A+ funding may be reinstated if they enroll in subsequent terms and earn sufficient credit hours and/or cumulative GPA to remove the deficits. Students are responsible for all costs incurred during terms of enrollment in which reinstatement is being sought. To be considered for A+ reinstatement, submit an Application for Reinstatement of A+ Program Eligibility.