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Alumnus of the Year

2011 Alumna of the Year - Lena Hutson

The Jefferson College Faculty Senate selected Lena Hutson of Fenton as the community college's 2011 alumna of the year. 

Hutson, of Fenton, has always maintained a strong desire to help people and give back to her community, and she credits Jefferson College with helping her achieve her goals. She appreciates the way she was treated by faculty and staff and still keeps in contact with some of her instructors, strongly believing that the quality of education she received at Jefferson prepared her for further education and for her work life.

She says she is a huge supporter of Jefferson College and its excellence in education. "Jefferson College will always hold a special place in my heart. I felt at home and comfortable there," said Hutson.

Lena HutsonWhen she graduated from Jefferson College in 1991 and transferred to Webster University, she planned to major in education, but soon discovered a passion for psychology. Having been helped and influenced by social workers as a child, she decided that the field would enable her to teach, nurture and guide people in need. After Webster, she transferred to Washington University and obtained her master's degree in social work.

Hutson was a school social worker for many years, while participating in numerous social programs and charitable endeavors. She has been a life skills teacher for the Missouri Independent Living Program, has worked with foster youth for over 17 years, and has been involved with a mentoring program for runaways and truancies through the Juvenile Office.

Other organizations that have used her teaching and speaking skills include the Foster Care Coalition Conference, COMTREA, and the Family Violence Council. She has also coordinated peer mediation and the Parents as Teachers program in the school where she worked. She has taken foster youth into her home in order to help them transition into life on their own and has provided camps and workshops to help youth succeed at education and life beyond school.

Hutson's desire to help others has led her to explore spirituality and alternative healing. She says that she is devoted to helping people grow and become mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy. She is an ordained minister and studies Reiki healing.

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