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Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings & Grounds Division at Jefferson College encompasses two main functions.

The Building Services Department is responsible for the cleaning of all classrooms, offices, and common areas of each building on all of our campuses. This crew usually works during the evening and night to make sure that all trash is emptied, all floors are swept and/or mopped, and all desks, tables, chairs, etc. are cleaned. During the summer months this department also works to re-finish all of the tile floors, shampoo the carpets, and also sand and reseal the entire gymnasium floor. Any questions regarding the cleaning of the buildings should be directed to extension 3505. If you are not able to reach someone directly, please leave a message with your name, number , and the reason you are calling.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for all maintenance, repairs, construction, carpentry, plumbing, etc. at all campus locations. If you are ever too cold or too hot in your work area, please call 3505 and we will send over a technician. Any maintenance requests should be given to us by using the Maintenance Request Form located in the Finance & Administration section after clicking on the EMPLOYEE tab. You will also see a form to fill out if you need any furniture or equipment moved from one location to another. Once the forms are filled out you can send them via email or inter-office mail to the Buildings & Grounds Department. In order to expedite the process, your supervisor’s signature is not required except, if your supervisor has specifically asked that you obtain their signature, or if the request is for a major construction, painting, or repair project. Most routine requests for items to be transferred or for routine maintenance to be done do not require anyone’s signature but yours. If the Buildings & Grounds Department has any questions we will contact the requestor. Please also include your office extension.

If there are any issues related to the buildings, the campus grounds, or if you are just not sure who to call, please feel free to call 3505 or 636-481-3505, and we will help you out as best we can. Here are some other key phone numbers for our department.


Ext. 3505-Kathy Kuehn, Secretary to the Buildings & Grounds Department

Ext. 3502-Linda Covert, Supervisor, Building Services

Ext. 3506-Marty Brand, Assistant Director of Buildings & Grounds

Ext. 3501-Ed Tomaszkiewicz, Director of Buildings & Grounds