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CTL Quotes

Make sure you check out the CTL- here's what other faculty are saying:

On the Google Docs session:

"Just wanted to say thank you for the CTL session today! I will be using this information to help set up all of my courses.  This will be so much easier and a big time-saver, too!

Marialana Speidel

"I attended the session called "What's Necessary in Your Syllabus?"  It gave me insight of how other faculty members addressed items within their course syllabi.  It was great to share strategies and I walked away with ideas to revise my own syllabi." 

Terry Kite

"Attending the CTL session about Service Learning gave me the information and encouragement I needed to use it in my Leadership Development Studies classes.  I went to the session hoping to just learn a little more but left ready to try it.  Since then, with continued support from Christy Cornelius, I have successfully incorporated Service Learning into my class."

Susan Todd

"I didn't realize how little I knew until I attended the mandatory new faculty cohort meetings. I was pleased to make what I hope to be life-long friends and mentors from that group."

James Bringer

"I attended the 'Texting, Talking, and Tardiness... Oh My!" session.  The CTL provided a positive environment where I could share my concerns and learn from the experiences of other faculty.  As an adjunct instructor, it is nice to know there are so many 'veteran' faculty members willing to provide assistance and support (the chocolate chip cookies were really good, too)." 

Carrie Flesh

"The Service Learning project I incorporated into my ECE course was so much more than just students observing in a preschool classroom.  My students had the opportunity to participate with the children and implement the activities they had created.  This opportunity gave them a real-world experience of what it is like to actually be a teacher in the early education classroom." 

Stephanie Cage

"The CTL provided a broad spectrum of opportunities to assist us in educating our students.  During New Faculty Cohort sessions, webinars, and discussions, participants reflected upon best practices while exchanging ideas with one another.  The CTL brought us together in a safe atmosphere to share and learn." 

Christy Cornelius

"I believe the mentoring process is beneficial for all involved, as it is through the fostering of collegial relationships and the promoting of thought-provoking dialogue that educators are provided with the opportunity to reflect and grow."

Amy Kausler


"The new faculty cohort helped me create relationships with other new faculty and gave me a sense of connection to the college as a whole."

Lisa Pavia-Higel