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CTL Events

Events in the Center for Teaching and Learning stimulate campus-wide conversation about teaching, learning, and assessment. Faculty members share ideas and best practices in a collegial environment. They explore research on pedagogical issues and innovations in higher education. CTL events include face-to-face workshops, "Cookies and Conversations," "Lunch and Learn," and program meetings.  If you would like to facilitate an event, please fill out the CTL Events form.

To access the adobe connect session, click on the following link at the time of the session:

Here is the list of upcoming CTL Sessions.  All sessions are from 12-1 p.m. except when noted, locations are listed below. 

1-20-17 OER (Open Education Resource), Dr. Nancy Evans Heartland CC
Details will be provided about the mini-conference occurring February 9th. 
TC 203
2-3-17 Blackboard FAQ, Allan Wamsley
Come with your questions about creating a course or teaching in Blackboard.  Or, come with information to share with your fellow faculty about how you use Blackboard.  All skill levels are welcome.

2-10-17 Socratic Dialoge in the College Classroom, Chris Otto
Learn techniques and ideas for creating a Socratic dialogue in your classroom.  Then, practice by dialoguing with other participants.
TC 203

2-16-17 THURSDAY 2-3 p.m.Flipped Classroom, Kathy Johnson 
Learn more about this practice from Kathy who is currently using this method in her Business Math and Personal Finance classes. 
TC 203

2-17-17 Google Calendar+Gmail, Rob Brieler 
Learn more about how to use this resource. If you would like specific topics covered in this session, please email Rob.
TC 203 

2-24-17 Closed Captioning Course Videos, Allan Wamsley
Make sure the videos you are using in class are in compliance with current ADA regulations. We will also demonstrate the process to get videos closed captioned, and get you started.

Shanie Latham will be hosting a reading circle on The Flipped Classroom, dates TBD with group.

3-3-17 Google Sheets, Rob Brieler 
Learn more about using this spreadsheet tool provided in your Google account. If you would like any specific topics covered in this session, please email Rob.
TC 203

3-31-17 Go Live! Using Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts/Docs in and out of the Classroom, Lisa Pavia-Higel 
This session will talk about different ways faculty are making use of synchronous tools in and out of the classroom. A brief demonstration of both technologies will begin the session, and then we'll discuss the possible applications of the technology to work with students enrolled in both online and on-ground classes.
TC 203

4-7-17 Incorporating Google Drive With Blackboard, Brian Dunst 
Google Drive is cloud storage where you can store and share documents, photos and videos online. It is included with your Jeffco email. We will go over some ways to incorporate Google Drive with Blackboard to streamline the efficiency of your online course delivery.
TC 203

Here is the list of this year's previous sessions.

Comment Form

Please submit any ideas you have for CTL sessions, or articles and resources you would like to share.


As participants in the CTL, all faculty and staff are encouraged to facilitate ongoing professional development for full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff in support of effective teaching and learning.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in professional development, scholarship and institutional service by considering one or more of the following contributions:

  • Plan and facilitate a "Cookies and Conversation" discussion on a teaching and learning topic
  • Plan and facilitate a "Lunch and Learn" workshop on a teaching and learning topic
  • Invite a guest to our campus to collaborate with and co-facilitate a discussion on a teaching and learning topic
  • Facilitate a teaching and learning Reading Circle, conducting 2 or 3 discussions focusing on the book
  • Develop and implement a Service Learning component for one of your courses

Professional Development Funds For Facilitators

Discussion or workshop (1 hour)   $100.00 (or $50.00 each for co-facilitators)
Guest/Co-facilitated session  $100.00 each (guest and facilitator)
*Reading Circle Discussions (1 hour each)  $100.00 per discussion (2 or 3 discussions)
Service Learning component for a course  $500.00 per semester

*CTL will provide books for participants.

New Faculty Mentoring

A faculty mentor will be appointed by the Division Chair to support each new full-time faculty member for the faculty members’ first year. In this capacity, the faculty member will be expected to do the following: (1) provide monthly “best practices” workshops on teaching and assessment of expected learning outcomes; (2) offer periodic evaluation of classroom performance; and (3) provide teaching demonstration opportunities. The primary goals are improving teaching and learning and improving the quality of professional relationships. Faculty mentors will be awarded $500.00 per semester per mentee for mentoring the first two semesters of the new faculty member’s employment.

Faculty Development Opportunities

JC101: Foundation for Adjunct Instruction
JC101 is a fully online orientation session that covers College policies, procedures and available resources.  This course contains information to help adjuncts succeed in their first semester at the college.  The course runs several times per year, and takes about 10-15 hours to complete.  A stipend is awarded for successful completion of this course. If you would like to take this course please contact  your Division Chair.

JC102: Survey of Adjunct Instruction
JC102 is a fully online professional development session that allows faculty to overview several topics pertinent to education, and dig deeper into one of them.  This course runs a couple of times a year and takes about 10-15 hours to complete.  A stipend is awarded for successful completion of this course.  If you would like to take this course, please contact Allan at

Faculty Certification Course for Online and Hybrid Teaching
If you are interested in teaching online and/or hybrid courses at Jefferson College, please contact your Division Chair.  Prior to teaching online or hybrid courses, you will need to complete the Faculty Certification Course.  The purpose of this program is to equip full-time and adjunct faculty with the basic skills necessary to create a successful online learning environment for students.  A stipend is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the program.  The program is four weeks long and is conducted online.