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CTL Events

Events in the Center for Teaching and Learning stimulate campus-wide conversation about teaching, learning and assessment. Faculty members share ideas and best practices in a collegial environment. They explore research on pedagogical issues and innovations in higher education. Events in the CTL include face-to-face workshops, "Cookies and Conversations" and program Meetings.

Next Event:

The Schedule of CTL Sessions for 2014-15 is in a .pdf file format. This file may be updated through out the year if there are scheduling changes. Scheduling changes will also be sent through email.

CTL Facilitators: 

As participants in the CTL, all faculty and staff are encouraged to facilitate ongoing professional development for full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, and staff in support of effective teaching and learning.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in professional development, scholarship and institutional service by considering one or more of the following contributions:

  • Plan and facilitate a "Cookies and Conversation" discussion on a teaching and learning topic;
  • Invite a guest to our campus to collaborate with and co-facilitate a discussion on a teaching and learning topic;
  • Facilitate a teaching and learning Reading Circle, conducting 3 or 4 discussions focusing on the book;
  • Develop and implement a Service Learning component for one of your courses by filling out this form and working with your division chair.

 Professional Development Funds For Facilitators:

Discussion (1 hour)   $100.00 (or $50.00 each for co-facilitators)
Guest/Co-facilitated "Cookies and Conversation"   $100.00 each (guest and facilitator)
 *Reading Circle Discussions (1 hour each)  $100.00 per discussion (2 or 3 discussions)
 Service Learning component for a course  $500.00 per semester

*CTL will provide books for participants. Limit 10 participants per Reading Circle.


Administrative Processes and Support for the CTL Events and Website:

The V.P. Office Assistant, C.J. Santiago ( or 636-481-3380), will provide administrative support for the CTL.  The above CTL initiatives should be planned by completing the attached form. Please collaborate with Christy Cornelius and your Division Chair as you plan your initiative. Once your form is completed and signed by your  Division Chair, please send to C.J. Santiago.

When you have articles or information you would like posted on the CTL website, email Lori Kovarik at with the information or links. Everyone is encouraged to participate in sharing teaching and learning research and ideas.

If you have books you would like ordered for the CTL Collection, please contact Lisa Pritchard in the Library.


The CTL Room LIB 201

The CTL Room (LIB 201) is available for you to reserve for meetings and events. The space may be used for private conferences with students or faculty. Please schedule use of this room by emailing Christy Cornelius.  


New Faculty Mentoring:

A faculty mentor will be appointed by the Division Chair to support each new full-time faculty member for the faculty members’ first year. In this capacity, the faculty member will be expected to do the following: (1) provide monthly “best practices” workshops on teaching and assessment of expected learning outcomes; (2) offer periodic evaluation of classroom performance; and (3) provide teaching demonstration opportunities. The primary goals are improving teaching and learning and improving the quality of professional relationships. Faculty mentors will be awarded $500.00 per semester per mentee for mentoring the first two semesters of the new faculty member’s employment.


Adjunct Faculty Training Opportunities:

JC101: Foundation for Adjunct Instruction
JC101 is a fully online orientation session that covers College policies, procedures and available resources.  This course contains information to help adjuncts succeed in their first semester at the college.  The course runs several times per year, and takes about 10-15 hours to complete.  If you would like to take this course please contact either Lori at, or your Division Chair.

Faculty Certification for Online and Hybrid Courses
If you are interested in teaching online and/or hybrid courses at Jefferson College, please contact your Division Chair.  Prior to teaching online or hybrid courses, you will need to complete the Faculty Certification Course.  The purpose of this program is to equip full-time and adjunct faculty with the basic skills necessary to create a successful online learning environment for students.  A stipend of $200 will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the program.  The program is four weeks long and is conducted online. 


Relationship to Budget, Strategic Plan, and Action Plans:

An annual budget of $20,000 will fund a faculty/staff directed CTL in support of ongoing professional development initiatives (in-service) to support ongoing improvement of teaching and learning. For professional development initiatives off-campus, $20,000 is included in the current (and past) budget. This proposal supports the following Action Plans and Strategic Planning Aims and Objectives:

Org 88, Aim 4, Objective 24 - Increase staff participation in development programs. (2012)

Org 88, Aim 4, Objective 25 - Evaluate the effectiveness of orientation and induction
procedures and improve upon them. (2014)

Org 551, Aim 4, Objective 25 - Create and implement a Jefferson College Adjunct Teaching
Certificate. (2012)

Org 551, Aim 4, Objective 25 - Develop a Faculty Mentor Cohort. (2014)

Org 551, Aim 1, Objective 1 - Establish a college-funded formal Service Learning Colleagues
group. (Postponed)