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A goal of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to assist faculty members in identifying the active learning strategies that are a good match for the discipline area in which they teach. The CTL provides helpful information and examples of specific pedagogical methods as they relate to specific disciplines. 

Teaching Philosophy
Are you interested in materials and strategies for teaching introductory philosophy coursess? If so, check out

Teaching Math
Is it possible to make math more student-friendly? Read Taking Anxiety Out of the Equation to learn how. 

Teaching Science
To learn the difference between the discovery and inquiry methods of teaching, read the Society for College Science Teachers' article, Don’t Confuse Inquiry and Discovery. The author maintains that college science teachers have a dual role; first, to interact with students "in ways that make us confident that they have a true understanding of the concepts we have chosen to include in our courses" and second to "instill in students the ability to ask meaningful questions and to find answers to questions on their own, using the investigative strategies common to the sciences."

The Case Method of Teaching Science
This link provides access to PowerPoints, Articles, and Videos about using case studies to teach science in higher education.

Teaching English 
Share this information with your students:
Owl Materials: Avoiding Plagiarism

Global Education 
Disciplinary Classification for International Modules
The above link allows you to select a discipline in higher education and then select a discipline, such as Mathematics, and then a specific course, such as Basic Algebra. Learning activities related to both the discipline and global education are provided. For general information on global education, click on the Teaching Tips tab.

Service Learning Syllabi
This link allows you to select a discipline in higher education and then select a course, such as Introduction to Sociology, and view a college syllabus that includes a service learning component. To see videos about Service Learning at Jefferson and for more general information on service learning as a pedagogical method, click on the Teaching Tips tab.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 16 January 2014 )
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