Darton Wins 2-1 vs. Vikings (9-30-12)

Darton College started faster than the Jefferson College Vikings and scored two goals in the first fifteen minutes to eventually win 2-1. But the number one NJCAA poll ranked college had to work hard to preserve the victory.

The Vikings pressed Darton the whole game and had several close chances to score.  In the second half, a goal from Sanel Hasanovic was negated by a questionable offsides call. With twelve minutes left in the game, Danny Arrazola rifled in a goal over the keepers head into the far corner.

The Viking defense was stout, intercepting passes and blocking shots. Keeper Josh Richter made several difficult saves. Jefferson's pressure had Darton on the back foot for most of the second half, forcing them out of their slick passing game. The midfielders and forwards moved the ball quickly and precisely, but the ball would not find the back of the net.
Jefferson's record now stand at 5-4-1.