Softball 2013-2014 Roster


No.   Name        HT   Class   Pos   Home Town   High School B/T
2   Taylor Simpson 5'8"   SO   SS   Winfield, MO   Winfield R/R 
3   Theresa DeCosty 5'8"   FR   OF   Weldon Springs, MO   Francis Howell L/R
4   Lauren Russell 5'8"   SO   OF/P   Hillsboro, MO   Hillsboro R/R
5   Ashley Davis 5'2"   FR    IF   Festus, MO   Festus L/R 
6   Lindsey Rendleman 5'2"   FR   OF   Scott City, MO   Scott City L/R
10   Amanda Davis 5'2"   FR   OF   Festus, MO   Festus L/R
11   Anna Scott 5'7"   FR   IF   St. Louis, MO   Metro R/R
13   Holly Pundick 5'6"   FR   P   British Columbia   Semiahmoo Secondary L/R
14   Laura Kabbaz 5'3"   SO   UTL/P   Imperial, MO   Windsor R/R
16   Morgan Brown 5'8"   FR   OF/UTL   O'Fallon, MO   Francis Howell R/R
19   Alexandra Heard 5'3"   FR   SS/3B   Surrey British Columbia  

Fleetwood Park Secondary

20    Mackenzie Hoelting 5'5"   FR   P   Winfield, MO   Winfield L/L
22   Kara Pochon 5'5"   SO   OF   Hillsboro, MO   Hillsboro R/R
23   Emmie Blankenship 5'1"    FR    C/3B   Sullivan, MO   Sullivan R/R 
24   Cheryl Orlando  5'8"    SO      Hillsboro, MO    Hillsboro  R/R 
25    Kara Montgomery 5'5"    FR   OF   St. Louis, MO   Parkway North L/R 
28   Erica Burney 5'7"   FR   C/IF    Festus, MO   Ste. Genevieve R/R
30   Anna Reed 5'6"   FR   IF/OF   Lonedell, MO   St. Clair L/L
55   Morgan Oliver 5'7"   FR   C   Troy, MO   Troy Buchanan R/R


Head Coach: Tony Cook 
Asst. Coaches: Brandy Moonier, Charline Linhorst, Trisha Thompson, Jeris Moonier
Taylor Simpson-#2 Softball Infielder 2014 #2 Taylor Simpson

Class: Sophomore
Position: Infield
Height: 5’7”
Major: Psychology
Parents: Kim & Rusty Simpson
High School: Winfield
High School Coach: Zach Sheets
Softball Achievement: Second Team All-Conference 2011,
Academic Achievement: (College) Dean's List 2012-13 , (High School) Academic All-State 2008-09

Theresa DeCosty-#3 Softball Outfielder 2014 #3     Theresa DeCosty 

Class:  Freshman
Position: Outfield
Height: 5’8”
Major:  Undecided
Parents:  Kelley & Joe DeCosty
High School:  Francis Howell
High School Coach: Steve Moorman
Softball Achievements: 2009 1st Team All-Conference IF, All-District Team, 2011 Team All-State OF, 1st Team All-Conference OF, All-District, All-Region.  2012 1st Team All-Conference OF, 1st Team All-District, All-Region, 1st Team All-Metro, 1st Team All-State OF, Cardinals Featured Athlete, 3rd in Class 4 State Softball, tied Missouri State record for most hits in a single season.
Academic Achievement: 2009 All-Academic Team, 2011-12 All-Academic Team, Cumulative GPA 4.0 4yrs

Lauren Russell-#4 Softball Pitcher/Outfielder 2014

#4     Lauren Russell 

Class:  Sophomore
Position: Pitcher/Outfield
Height:  5'8"
Major:  Occupational Therapy
Parents:  Brandon & Melissa Russell
High School:  Hillsboro High School
High School Coach:  Melanie Rouggly
Softball Achievements: 

Ashley Davis-#5 Softball Infielder 2014

#5     Ashley Davis

Class:  Freshman
Position:  Infield
Height: 5’1”
Major:  Physical Therapy
Parents:  Tim & Tammy Davis
High School:  Festus
High School Coach: Jeff Montgomery
Softball Achievements:  2012, Academic All-State, 2009-12 Scholar Athlete, Conference & District Champions, Placed 4th at State, 2013 Miss Softball Award
Academic Achievments: Graduated Summa Cum Laude, Ranked 7th out of 172, Perfect Attendance 4 yrs, 4.0 GPA

Lindsey Rendleman-#6 Softball Outfielder 2014 #6 Lindsey Rendleman 

Class: Freshman
Position: Outfield
Height: 5’2”
Major: Pre Vet
Parents: George & JoAnn Rendleman
High School:  Scott City
High School Coach: Coach Pobst
Softball Achievements: 2009 Bell City, Defensive Player of the Year, Offensive Player of the Year, 2012 MVP, Offensive Player of the Year, 2011 Scott City, All-District, All-Conference, All-Standard Democrat, Offensive Player of the Year, 2012 All-District, All-Conference, All-Standard Democrat



Amanda Davis-#10 Softball Outfielder 2014

#10     Amanda Davis

Class:  Freshman
Position: Outfield
Height: 5’2”
Major:  Physical Therapist
Parents:  Tim & Tammy Davis
High School:  Festus
High School Coach: Jeff Montgomery
Softball Achievements:  2009-12 Scholar Athlete, Academic All-State, Conference & District Champs 2012, 4th in State 2012, Miss Softball Award 2013
Academic Achievements:  Suma Cum Laude, Ranked 6th of 172, Perfect Attendance 4 yrs, GPA 4.0



Anna Scott-#11 Softball Infielder 2014

#11    Anna Scott

Class:  Freshman
Position: Infield
Height: 5’7”
Major:   Undecided
Parents:   James & Mary Scott
High School:   Metro
High School Coach:  Gary Glasscock
Softball Achievements:  2012,11,12 Metro All-District, 2011-12 Metro Captain, 2010,11,12 All-Tournament Team



Holly Pundick-#13 Softball Pitcher 2014

#13    Holly Pundick

Class: Freshman
Position: Pitcher
Height: 5'6"
Major: Health Science
Parents: Dave & Nancy Pundick
High School: Semiahmoo Secondary
High School Coach:
Softball Achievements:

Laura Kabbaz-#14 Softball Utility/Pitcher 2014

#14     Laura Kabbaz 

Class:  Sophomore
Position: Utility/Pitcher
Height: 5’2”
Major:  Secondary Education
Parents:  Rhonda & Mark Kabbaz
High School:  Windsor High School
High School Coach: Wayne Montgomery 
Softball Achievements:  2009 Honorable Mention, All-Conference, 2010 2nd Team All-Conference, 2011 2nd Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-District, 2012 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-District
Academic Achievements: (High School) 4.0 GPA Award 4 yrs, US Army National Scholar Athlete Award, George Washington Carver Award, President's Education Award, Windsor Scholar Award (College) Dean's list 2012-13, 2013 Academic All-Conference



Morgan Brown-#16 Softball Utility/Outfielder 2014

#16     Morgan Brown 

Class:  Freshman
Position: Utility, Outfield
Height: 5’8”
Major:  Math
Parents:  Pat & Janet Brown
High School:  Francis Howell
High School Coach: Steve Moorman
Softball Achievements: All-Conference 4 yrs, Francis Howell Honorable Mention, 2012 Francis Howell Cardinal Athlete of the Week, 2012 3rd in Class 4 State Softball,
Academic Achievements: (College) 4.0 GPA 4 yrs, All-Academic Team 4 yrs



Alexandra Heard-#19 Softball Short Stop/3rd Base 2014

#19     Alexandra Heard

Class:  Freshman
Position: Short Stop/3 base
Height: 5’3”
Major:  Sports Therapy/Physical Therapist
Parents:   Natalie & David Heard
High School:  Fleetwood Park Secondary
High School Coach: 
Softball Achievements:  
Academic Achievements:



Mackenzie Hoelting-#20 Softball Pitcher 2014 #20   Mackenzie Hoelting

Class: Freshman
Position: Pitcher
Height: 5'5"
Major: Undecided
Parents: Corey & Carrie Hoelting
High School: Winfield
High School Coach: Zack Sheet
Softball Achievements: All-Conference, All-District 2010, 11 12, All-Region 2011-12, All-State 2012, GAC North Conference Player of the Year
Academic Achievements: 2009,10,11,12 Academic All-Conference

Kara Pochon-#22 Softball Outfielder 2014

#22     Kara Pochon 

Class:  Sophomore
Position: Outfield
Height: 5’5”
Major:  Physical Therapy
Parents:  Cindy & Tim Pochon
High School:  Hillsboro High School
High School Coach: Melanie Rouggly & Kevin Lucas
Softball Achievements:  (High School) 2010, 1st Team All-Conference Utility, 2011, 1st Team All-Conference, All-District, All-Region Infield, 2012, 1st Team All-Conference, All-District, All-Region, 2nd Team All-State Infield, (College) 2nd Team All-Region Infield
Academic Achievements: Top 10% of Class Academically 2012

Emmie Blankenship-#23 Softball Catcher/3rd Base 2014

 #23     Emmie Blankenship

Class:  Freshman
Position: Catcher/3 base
Height: 5'1"
Major: Engineering
Parents: Mike & Tricia Blankenship
High School: Sullivan Senior High
High School Coach: Ashley Crump
Softball Achievements: 2010-11, 2011-12 All-Conference, All-District, 2012 All-Region, All-Academic Offensive Player of the Year
Academic Achievements: National Honor Society 2011-12, 2012-13, 2012 All-Academic

Cheryl Orlando-#24 Softball Catcher 2014   #24 Cheryl Orlando

Class: Sophomore
Position: Catcher
Height: 5’8”
Major: Business Management
Parents: Andy & Bonnie Orlando
High School: Hillsboro
High School Coach: Melanie Rougley
Softball Achievements: (High School) 2009 Honorable Mention 1st Base, 2010 2nd All-Conference, 1st Team All-District, 2011 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Region, 2nd Team All-State, 3rd Team All-Metro, 2012 1st Team All-Conference, 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Region, Protector of the Year for Umpires (College) 2nd Team All-District

Kara Montgomery-#25 Softball Outfielder 2014

#25      Kara Montgomery

Class: Freshman
Position: Outfield
Height: 5'5"
Major: Undecided
Parents: Denna & Claude Montgomery
High School: Parkway North
High School Coach: Amy Doyle
Softball Achievements: 1st Team All-District 2011-12, 1st Team All-Conference 2011-12, Defensive Player 2011-12, Team Offensive Player 2011-12, Varsity 4 yrs, Rookie of the Year 2009

Erica Burney-#28 Softball Infielder 2014

#28     Erica Burney

Class: Freshman
Position: Infield
Height: 5’7”
Major:  Engineering
Parents:  Cecil & Lucretia Burney
High School:  Ste. Genevieve
High School Coach: Dennis Kreitler & Michael McDaniel
Softball Achievements:  2009 Most Valuable Hitter, 2010-12 MVP, 2011-12 Most Defensive Player, All-Conference, All-District, 2012 Dream Team, 2011 Potosi Tournament Champions, 2012 Conference Champions
Academic Achievements: 2009-10,2010-11, Top Ten Percent, 2009 Academic Award, 2009-10 Girls Physical Education Award, 2011-12 Animan Science Award, 2013 Honors Cards at Graduation

Anna Reed-#30 Softball Infielder 2014

#30    Anna Reed

Class: Freshman
Position: Infield
Height: 5’6”
Major:  Undecided
Parents:  Glen & Barb Reed
High School:  St. Clair
High School Coach: Rob Hauck
Softball Achievements:  1st Team All-Conference, 2010-12 Offensive MVP, 09-12 1st team All-District, 2011-12 Athlete of the Year, 2011-12 Athete of the Week, 2010-11, 12 Athlete of the Season

Morgan Oliver-#55 Softball Infielder 2014 #55    Morgan Oliver

Class:  Freshman
Position: Infield
Height: 5’7”
Major:  Elementary Education
Parents:  Jeff & Jody Adams
High School:  Troy Buchanan
High School Coach:  Lance Richardson
Softball Achievements: Junior - All-Conference, 2nd Team All-State, Senior - All-District Player of the Year, All-Conference, 1st Team All-State, All-Metro Player of the Year. Broke state record for the Most RBI's in one season


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