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I. "2-4" Transfer Rules that Apply Division I/II/III & NAIA

Division I

1. A student-athlete who transfers to a Division I institution must complete (4) seasons of eligibility within five calendar years from the original date of full-time enrollment at Jefferson College. The "five year clock" as it is referred to does not stop except under special circumstances. If you were considered a qualifier based upon your high school record you need to be enrolled at Jefferson College for at least one semester. You will also need to complete at least (12) hours of transferable degree credit and maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA.

If you were considered to be a partial or non-qualifier you will need to graduate from Jefferson College and have at least 25% of those hours earned at Jefferson. Partial or non-qualifier status also requires you to complete 48-semester transferable credit hours to meet the NCAA Division 1 (40%) degree rule for student-athletes entering their third year of full-time enrollment, maintain a 2.0 GPA, and be in attendance as a full-time student for at least three semesters.

Division. II/III

1. If you are looking to transfer to any Division II or Division III institution you are given more flexibility in completing your seasons of competition. In Division II and III you are given (10) semesters of full-time enrollment to complete your (4) seasons of eligibility. This is best for a student-athlete who might have withdrawn from school or spent time out of school for any reason. If you are thinking of transferring to the Division II level and you were a qualifier, partial, or non-qualifier based on your high school record you need to have been in full-time attendance at Jefferson College for two semesters. You will also be required to graduate with 25% of your credit hours having been earned at Jefferson College OR have completed an average of (12) semester transferable degree credit hours toward any baccalaureate degree program at the Division II institution for each term that you were enrolled full time with a 2.0 cumulative GPA.

2. Transfers to a Division III institution will only be eligible to participate immediately upon transferring if they have not competed at the two year college for two years, have not competed at all, or the student-athlete would have been academically and athletically eligible to compete had he/she remained at the two-year college. Typically, a student-athlete does not meet these requirements; therefore he/she must fulfill a year of residence at the Division III institution.


1 . A student-athlete from Jefferson College looking to continue his/her playing career on the NAIA level must transfer and be within their first (10) semesters of attendance as a full-time student. A transfer student-athlete entering their third season of competition transferring to the NAIA level must have 48 transferable semester credits and will have two years of eligibility remaining.


II. "4-2-4" Transfer Rules That Apply to Division I/II/III & NAIA

Division I

1. If you are a student-athlete who originally enrolled at a four-year institution prior to attending Jefferson College and now wish to continue your playing career at another or the same four-year institution, you must meet one of the following three options:

a. First, a student-athlete must have completed (24) semester hours of transferable degree credit at Jefferson College with at least a 2.0 GPA. Secondly, one full calendar year must elapse since the original transfer from the four-year college. Third, the student-athlete must have graduated from Jefferson College and if the student-athlete attended more than one community college 25% of his/her degree requirements should have been earned at the two-year institution where the degree is being awarded.

b. If the student-athlete returns to the four-year institution prior to competing at Jefferson College he/she will be immediately eligible to compete again if no residency requirement was unfulfilled when the student-athlete originally left the Division I institution.

c. A student-athlete is eligible to compete if:

i. The four-year institution did not sponsor the sport he/she competes in and no other college attended sponsored the same sport.

ii. The student-athlete is a qualifier based upon his/her high school record.

iii. (24) semester hours of transferable credit with a minimum 2.0 GPA

iv. (12) semester hours of transferable credit were met at Jefferson College every semester the student-athlete was enrolled full-time.

v. The student-athlete spent at least two semesters as a full-time student at Jefferson College.

Division II

1. All the rules mentioned above for Division II under"2-4"transfer rules apply to the "4-2-4" transfer rules regardless of whether the student-athlete attended one or more four-year institutions prior to transferring to Jefferson College.

Division III

1. If you participated at the four-year institution then transferred to Jefferson College and would like to transfer to a Division III institution you must be academically and athletically eligible had you remained at the previously attended four-year institution, or (24) hours of earned transferable credit and (2) semesters must have been spent at Jefferson College.


1. If you have transferred from a four-year institution to Jefferson College and now wish to transfer and compete on the NAIA level you must have seasons of eligibility left as is the case with all other competition levels. Secondly, if you participated on the four-year level at any time you may need to fulfill a 16 week residency requirement at the NAIA school. Of course, exceptions can be made to this rule. Please know that all provisions previously mentioned in the "2-4" section must be met to be immediately eligible to compete.


Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 January 2013 )
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