Jefferson College

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Mathematics Course Syllabi

Courses Offered

MTH002     Beginning Algebra
MTH084     Elementary Algebra
MTH105     Industrial Math
MTH110     Introductory Algebra
​MTH121     Technical Math I
MTH128     Intermediate Algebra
MTH130     Structure of Real Number System
MTH131     Survey of College Mathematics
MTH132     Introductory Statistics
MTH133     Trigonometry
MTH134     College Algebra
MTH134H  Honors College Algebra
MTH141     Pre-calculus
MTH161     Calculus for Business and the Social Sciences
MTH168     Probability and Statistics
MTH172     Linear Algebra
MTH180     Calculus I
MTH185     Calculus II
MTH201     Calculus III
MTH205     Differential Equations

Additional Math courses are offered through the Learning Center and in the Career-Technical Education Division.