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BIT Course Syllabi

The following links are for Official Course Syllabi, which detail expected learning outcomes, outlines of topics, and methods of instruction and evaluation.

BIT100  Keyboarding Skillbuilding
BIT102  Operating System Applications
BIT105  Business Language Skills
BIT110  Keyboarding Speedbuilding
BIT112  Job Search and Professional Image
BIT120  Human Relations in Business and Industry
BIT121  Legal Terminology
BIT122  Medical Terminology
BIT125  Spreadsheet Applications
BIT128  Customer Service
BIT130  Administrative Business Procedures
BIT131  Administrative Procedures for the Legal Professional
BIT132  Administrative Procedures for the Medical Professional
BIT135  Administrative Financial Procedures
BIT138  Word Processing Applications I
BIT140  Internet Communications
BIT145  Database Applications
BIT150  Proofreading/Editing Essentials
BIT200  Business Documents Applications
BIT205  Computers in the Law
BIT206  Computers in the Medical Profession
BIT210  Voice Technology
BIT221  Legal Transcription
BIT222  Medical Transcription
BIT238  Word Processing Applications II
BIT240  Presentation Software Applications
BIT242  Legal Research on the Internet
BIT244  Medical Research on the Internet
BIT270  Business Information Technology Internship
BIT275  Business Information Technology Capstone