Jefferson College

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Mission Statement

Jefferson College is a student-centered comprehensive community college, committed to providing an accessible, quality college experience as it strives to meet the diverse needs of the students and the community. Superior teaching and services foster a supportive learning environment, which promotes intellectual, social, and personal growth. A strong general education curriculum, college transfer and technical programs, personal enrichment courses, and on-campus experiences prepare students to succeed in their careers, further their education, and prosper in a diverse world. Jefferson College’s ongoing assessment of students, programs, and services assures that it is a responsive and progressive community college.

Our shared vision for Jefferson College is to become widely recognized as a premier comprehensive community college where student achievement and student success are central to every endeavor.

Led by highly qualified college trustees, administrators, faculty, and staff, students master knowledge, skills, competencies, and values in a participative, innovative learning environment.

The institution will be a model for enlightened, shared governance and will continue to strive for accreditation with distinction attesting to the excellence of its policies, practices, and services.

We value...

Student Growth
Balanced opportunities for all students to encourage intellectual, personal, and social growth and continued learning

Student Mastery of Skills
Mastery of intellectual and technical skills that will ensure career success

Student-Centered Services
A supportive and effective higher educational environment that enhances student learning

Preparation of students for excelling in a world of cultural and intellectual diversity

The use of assessment for continued student, personnel, and program improvement

Shared Governance
Enlightened and shared governance of the institution

Professional Growth
Continued professional growth within the college community that supports effective teaching and competent services

Academic Freedom
Academic freedom that challenges students and welcomes diversity of thought and discussion

Community Service
Leadership in the cultural, educational, economic, environmental, and social development within the community