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Pre-Social Work Program

The Pre-Social Work Program is a curriculum designed specifically to meet the needs of students preparing for eventual completion of a bachelor's degree in Social Work (BSW) at a Council on Social Work Education-accredited college or university.  This course of study facilitates a more seamless transfer into a BSE program upon graduation from Jefferson College with an Associate of Arts degree.  Required components for this endorsement include completion of SWK105 Introduction to Social Work and SWK110 Social Work Lab, with grades of "B" or better; and SOC125 Human Diversity and SOC240 Marriage and Family, with grades of "C" or better.  Requirements also include a cumulative GPA of 2.5, completion of all Associate of Arts degree requirements, and a recommendation from a Jefferson College Social Work faculty member.

For more information, please contact the Pre-Social Work Program Coordinator, Suzie Welch, at 636-481-3435, 636-797-3000 extension 3435, or